Hope In Nine Elms 2020

Write your Message of Hope on a square of paper, card or fabric, decorate it and send it to us.

We are on a mission to spread hope and positivity throughout Battersea and Nine Elms!

  1. Decide your Message of Hope - a sentiment or wish that you want to share with others in Battersea and Nine Elms in 2020. Try to keep it less than 15 words.
  2. Decorate your Message of Hope to bring it to life. Use anything you have in the house: paper, fabric, paints, pens, chalk, stickers, sewing - the back of a cereal box will do!
  3. Take a photo of your decorated Message of Hope in a Square format. Send it to us and share it on your own social media using the hashtag #HopeinNineElms
  4. Display your message in your window for everyone to see - and make sure you keep it safe as we plan to put them all together in one great big Message of Hope

Share your #HopeInNineElms artwork