50 Electric Boulevard by Foster + Partners

The enormous light-filled building will provide workspace and leisure facilities on the pedestrianised Electric Boulevard.

The design proposes to offer a more humane environment (than some other office buildings) by incorporating roof gardens with a Thames view, a presentation atrium, windows that can be opened - surprisingly unusual for many contemporary corporate buildings - and outdoor terraces on every level, for a breath of fresh air.

Interior communal spaces aim to embrace natural materials, tones and hues combined with indoor planting for a relaxed, healthy ambience.

The residential Battersea Roof Gardens building next door, also by Foster + Partners, continues the nature theme with a roof garden by James Corner Field Operations containing 55 trees and 23,000 plants. From the outside the whole complex wraps serpentlike around neighbouring buildings, the black cantilevered balconies drawing stark horizontal lines across a cloud of glass and light.

Wellbeing is a theme of current interest to modern architecture practices perhaps enhancing their competitiveness against some other new office buildings. Can those elements overcome the less-humanising aspects of a momumental building that you're unlikely to leave during the working day?

Foster + Partners is one of the UKs most skilful and respected architecture practices and Battersea deserves the best!

At nineelms.org we want to know what you think - do you work in an office in the new Nine Elms area - do you walk past this building every day - are the new buildings creating wellbeing, or ...? Let us know! #nineelmsarchitects