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Smell London

Do you ever stop in the street because of a smell? It could be the scent of flowers or the aroma of cooking. Smell, whether good or bad, adds to the experience of walking anywhere.

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Happy Streets and Garden Makeover

St George's Church garden was given some professional and amateur help on Saturday 2 July. Local Battersea volunteers did a garden makeover for St George church in Patmore Street. Lavender, foxgloves and geraniums now surround the olive trees. The church now has a welcoming exterior to go with its lovely airy wood-vaulted interior.

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Summer Holiday Stuff

Here's a rundown of some of the family activities happening locally in the Nine Elms Battersea area.

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Wandsworth Civic Awards - call for nominations

Run by Wandsworth Council, the Awards shine the spotlight on people making a difference to the borough, yet whose efforts go unsung. This could be people who have helped out a neighbour in need, coached a local sports team, gave up their free time to volunteer, organised a community event, or carried out an exceptional act of bravery.

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