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Images: Wil Bunn

A third of nine sculptures on Nine Elms

Nine Elms has an array of open spaces with a mix of imaginative planting, glass and steel architecture, water features and sculpture. If you’re missing museums and galleries (I am!), come for an art tour of three of the diverting art pieces on our doorstep.

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Nine Elms Lane: a surprising place for peace and distancing

Would we have said three months ago that the US Embassy was a place we'd want to hang out? Even though it's just across the road from our lovely Nine Elm Trees themselves, the sight of heavily-armed English police officers, and the queue at the back door for visa applications, made it somewhat unappealing.

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Embassy Gardens

The Linear Park on Nine Elms

A big promise from the developers to the people of Nine Elms is the Linear Park providing a green walk from Vauxhall Bridge to Battersea Power Station. At the beginning of 2020 this is just beginning to appear from outside some of the hoardings near the US Embassy, and we're very excited to see it (a little way to go yet though!).

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Why are we calling it social distancing not physical distancing?

I went for an early walk in Battersea Park this morning and tried to smile and say, “Good morning”, to a few solitary people. I got one grunt back! People with masks can’t be seen smiling back so it felt a very isolating walk. Beautiful though, and I loved the birds being so vocal.

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