Friends of Nine Elms Parks

Improve and protect Nine Elms parks and open spaces.


The Friends of Nine Elms Parks is initiated by to promote Nine Elms open spaces and work with developers and Wandsworth and Lambeth councils, for improvements and continued free and open access. We are in favour of The Mayor of London's Public London Charter which states that "whether publicly or privately owned, all new public spaces should be open, free to use and offer the highest level of public access."

Four of the Nine Elms
Four of the Nine Elms

Why is it ‘Parks’ not ‘Park’?

With the entire length of Nine Elms being developed there are numerous small public outdoor spaces that are new or being re-made, rather than one large acreage. We want to protect, enhance and keep accessible the many open spaces near Nine Elms so we have brought them together into one entity.

Getting involved

Here are some of the areas of interest we've been exploring over the last year, working with and talking to neighbours and business-holders in Nine Elms.


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What would you like to do in Nine Elms Parks?

Park Management

Most of the public spaces in the new development are Privately Owned Public Spaces or “POPS”, making them different from parks run by the local Council. Some differences include:

The different open space owners are part of The Nine Elms Partnership - a consortium of the developers, the local Councils (Wandsworth and Lambeth) and other local stakeholders who have joined together to create the Nine Elms Partnership Business Plan

This forms a basis for understanding the Partnership's commitment to creating good-quality urban planning which will serve it's communities into the future

Near the pavilion
Near the pavilion


Resolutely urban, but reflecting London's green-ness as a whole, around every corner on Nine Elms there's a tree to be sat under, and a path to be ambled along. We hope to bring you details of all of the new or updated spaces in Nine Elms - here's a starting point

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For some ideas for where to sit and have a sandwich or do your yoga routine.

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We are Friends of Nine Elms Parks.