Nine Elms Parks – Urban Battersea and Vauxhall has a country side

New open spaces and parkland near Nine Elms offer respite from the urban hustle and bustle.

New open spaces and parkland near Nine Elms offer respite from the urban hustle and bustle. What makes these parks even more special is the dedicated group of individuals known as the "Friends of Nine Elms Parks" who work to preserve and enhance these green havens for the community.

Nine Elms Parks comprises a collection of interconnected green spaces located along the south bank of the Thames between Vauxhall and Battersea Park. The area has undergone enormous redevelopment in recent years, transforming it from an industrial hinterland into a vibrant neighbourhood. Amidst the new buildings and developments, the parks and open spaces are a testament to the importance of preserving natural spaces for a healthy society.

The riverbank in front of Battersea Power Station, with the historic Coaling Jetty, was previously not open to the public, being an active industrial site. Now this park offers stunning views of the River Thames and is the perfect spot for picnics and enjoying the waterfront atmosphere.

Nine Elms Park bridging Battersea Park with Vauxhall via a network of pedestrianised green space is set to become a centrepiece of the Nine Elms area, featuring beautiful landscapes and recreational facilities, a glimmering pond at Embassy Gardens and networking around the US Embassy planted with prairie style beds and British native trees. Across Nine Elms to the Pavilion takes you to the Riverside at St George's Wharf where Tord Boontje's seating installation, "Dawn to Dusk", is a concept wrapped up in an invitation that should be savoured.

Friends of Nine Elms Parks

Maintaining and enhancing these parks is no easy task, and this is where the "Friends of Nine Elms Parks" come into play. This community-driven group is composed of local residents, nature enthusiasts, and volunteers who share a passion for preserving and improving the parks for the benefit of everyone. Many of the public spaces in the Nine Elms area are Privately Owned Public Spaces or "POPS", making them different from parks run by the local Council (Wandsworth and Lambeth), and, some would argue, in even more need of protection as they are less protected by statute or tradition.

If you're in South London and in need of a breath of fresh air, or if you're passionate about preserving the natural world in the midst of the urban jungle, consider visiting our Nine Elms open spaces or getting involved with the Friends of Nine Elms Parks. The beauty of nature, engaging artworks and an evolving new community await you.