9 Weeks for 9 Elms

As part of Nine Elms Living Room, we are launching a new focussed prayer series.

We're coming together every Friday for prayers and discussion reflecting the Nine Elms Living Room values: Local, Accessible, Informed and Relevant.

On Friday 16 October we are launching 9 Weeks for 9 Elms, an early morning meeting online to inform us of world issues and pray for them with an emphasis on the locality of Nine Elms.

Our first 30-minute session will focus on Harvest, the season of thanksgiving and concern for the hungry. Bite-size information from World Food Day and local concerns will lead into focussed prayer in breakout rooms, taking time to listen to God.

Gratitude, generosity and ingenuity can change the world. How can they flourish in our Nine Elms patch?

This first event is on Friday 16th October, 7:45-8:15 am on Zoom. If you would like to join us, contact catherine@nineelms.org. See more 9 Weeks for Nine Elms at our Events page.

Each Friday till 11th December we will pray for a different international day.

9 Weeks for 9 Elms is part of nineelms.org Living Room project.