How do I feel?

Rushed off my feet. The virus is near. It’s a new world. Called ‘the new normal’.

Rushed off my feet

The virus is near

It’s a new world

Called ‘the new normal’

Anxieties spoken

Conspiracy theories heard

Things read

Covid19 sending us

Into our rooms

To think about what we’ve done.

Where’s Wally?

The street is deserted

And Wally exposed

I am exposed

You are exposed…

God, where are you in this? Where art thou?

My street, slowly, slowly

Getting softer

Schools out

Children in

Inside, hidden

Inside, healthy?

Fear rules

Trouble brews

Threat looms

God, where are you in this? Where art thou?



Yet, hopeful –

God will bring good out of

Darkness and pain.

You will, won’t you?

Look, see

Human nature at its worst

And best

What will I choose to hold -

Loo rolls or

Light in the darkness?

--2020© RCTurner--

Jeremy perkins UgNjyPkphtU unsplash2