Sound of Serenity - Genesis Motor pop-up experience

Sound of Serenity - Genesis Motor pop-up experience

Sat 26 Nov – Sat 14 Jan 2023

The pop-up represents GV60’s noise vehicle harshness (NVH) technology which has been used to make the cabin as serene and calming as possible for both the driver and passenger.

Visitors interacting with the “Sound of Serenity” mood wheel located in the pop-up will be able to experience different frequencies that match to different relaxing sounds available within all Genesis, including ‘Calm sea waves’, Rainy day and ‘Lively forest’, with every colour representing a specific sound and mood.

Furthermore, guests visiting this touchpoint are able to scan a QR code that leads them to a ‘Sound of Serenity’ playlist, which includes the same sounds that can be played in the pop-up space.

Event Address

Battersea Power Station Circus Road West, Nine Elms London, SW8 5BN